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When you're organising an awards ceremony, excellent engraving as well as a competitive price, is likely to be at the forefront of your mind. With our engraved trophies, you're guaranteed to impress everyone safe in the knowledge


As well as engraved trophies & awards, we can produce:

Engraved trophies for your next awards ceremony

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If you're yet to decide on a logo or crest design, why not let us help you out? With extensive design tools at our disposal we're equipped to impress both large and small designs for your needs.


If you'd like to know more about our logo and crest design services, get in touch and one of our friendly crew will be more than welcome to discuss this further.

Let us help you with your logo and crest designs

Are you looking for an engraving service? At Hemel Trophies & Jewellers Ltd, we offer an in-house first class engraving services throughout Hertfordshire and beyond.

With comprehensive facilities at our disposal & over 22 year experience, if we cannot engrave it, its unlikey it can be engraved.

First class engraving

In Hemel Hempstead

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 •  Engraved medals and badges

 •  Awards and plaques

 •  Glass and Crystal Awards

 •  Bring us your own product for engraving

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